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Eye Health

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All human beings profoundly depend on eyes; still many pay little attention towards them. It is imperative to know about right eye health to avoid certain vision related problems. All in all, eyes that twinkled brighter than the stars depend on one's own hooks. Scroll down and have a quick look of common diseases associated with eyes. This certainly will assist you to keep good eye health.


This is a defect of vision among young and old in which parallel light rays are brought to a focal point at the rear of the retina. Objects with in six meters from eyes appear blurred on the other hand it is difficult to see objects beyond six meters from eyes. In medical terms it is also known as hyperopia or far-sightedness. Hyperopia is a genetic disorder but because of flexible eye lens children generally are not affected. With the age flexibility of lens gets reduced leading to the disease. Contact lens or glasses after proper eye examination recommended by eye care professionals can be used to nullify the effects of bad vision. To know more about this defect of vision contact Primrose Opticals specialist optometrist.


This is a common eye defect in which parallel rays are brought to a focal point in the front of the retinal wall. Objects placed beyond six meters from the eyes are blurred. Optometrists also know this as short-sightedness or near-sightedness. It can also be corrected with help of lenses or glasses but contrary to hypermetropia concave lenses are used in this case. Get more insights about the short-sightedness from the specialist orthoptist of Primrose Opticals.


Glaucoma is a serious eye disease which if left untreated may lead to permanent vision loss or blindness. In this defect of eye optic nerve connecting retina with brain is basically damaged due to increased pressure in the eye. Increased flow of a fluid which nourishes the tissues near retina damages optic nerve which actually is a bundle of nearly 1 million nerve fibers. Glaucoma is a hereditary disease but can easily be treated or avoided with help of surgery or laser trabeculolplasty. Get on! If you have a family history of Glaucoma than this is the right time to get your eye examined by most trusted ophthalmologists from Primrose Opticals


Not many people are aware about this disease of eye. It is basically a cyst formed mainly inside the upper eyelid but can also develop inside lower eyelid. The bump or cysts is formed because of blocked meibomian gland which lubricates the eye. Certain microorganisms, unhygienic environmental conditions or sometime genetic reasons too are responsible for Chalazion or chalazia. Small incision in a minor surgery is done by trained optometrist to drain the blocked oil or fatty secretions. Though seems minor in the beginning yet all types of chalazia has potential to develop in big problem. But don't panic! You are just a click away from leading eye care professional.

Pink eye:

Pink eye or conjunctivitis is a common disease which can affect any person of any age group. Inflammation of conjunctiva occurs because of many reasons like virus, bacteria or allergy. Common symptom is a pink color or swelling of eye. Sometime itchiness or burning in eyes also occurs. If you have any question about how to prevent this common disease from spreading than give team Primrose Opticals a call.

Color blindness:

Incapability to see or detect few colors is known as Color blindness. The person suffering from this disease is not completely blind but fails to perceive color differences. Sometime also known as color vision deficiency. Cones the cells responsible for distinguishing colors are root cause of this hereditary disease. Certain set of retinal cones remain underdeveloped leading to the deficiency. To know more about this contact our eye care specialist.